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Essential Oil Perfume for Anxiety - With Citrine Crystals

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 A perfume to balance the body and work wherever there is a need. The Essential Oils in this blend have a calming effect, allowing them to reduce anxiety.  An earthy, herbaceous, sweet and warming scent, perfect for any time use. Citrine crystal supports those who are overly sensitive and vulnerable to outside influences and energies.  Combine with Stress blend or Relax blend, for additional support.


          With Essential Oils of:

          Lavender (Lavandula augustifolia)
          Frankincense (Boswellia frereana)
          Patchouli (Pogostemon Cablin)
          Citrine crystals
          In Fractionated coconut carrier oil

          How to use

          To use, roll and smooth into the skin at pulse points, and inhale deep breaths. Roll onto the soles of your feet and over your heart at night. Keep away from eye area, do not use on broken skin. Not for use on infants and children.

          Why you'll love it.

          Individually hand poured pure Essential Oils.
          Attractive 10ml clear glass bottle with bamboo lid.
          Easy roll on application.
          Cruelty free and vegan.
          Citrine Crystals.

          "I love that a scent can make memories come alive"

          Scent is our most primitive sense, it's the closest thing to the emotional brain. It penetrates you. You love it and want to be part of it.

          Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone

          • Customer Review

            I bought the Insect Repellent, with the bite serum for free. Let me tell you they both work! The repellent has a nice clean feel & the bite serum smells good enough to use as a perfume.

            David|Southport Qld

          • Customer Review

            My name is Steven, & I want to say thank you for supplying a poison free Insect repellent. I am allergic to march flies and they have been so bad this year. A friend told me to try your product and it works! Kept the march flies away & no bites. Very happy.

            Steven|Rosebud Vic

          • Customer Review

            I want to personally thank the creator of these beautiful perfumes. I have had a very low sense of smell for many years now & I find these delightful scents are the only fragrances I can truly smell! Keep up the good work. Thank's for being so transparent with your Vegan friendly ingredients too. Signed User for Life.

            Vicki|Yarra Valley Vic

          • Customer Review

            I am extremely impressed by Jaycey's all natural Eye Serum. Its been very helpful to me in reducing puffiness under my eyes and the fine lines around the crows feet area. It is a great product, and I highly recommend! Thank you.

            Nathan| Mt Martha