Vegan Perfume

Our vegan perfume range is perfect for animal lovers looking for a premium perfume made without cruelty to animals or animal products. Many cosmetics companies test their fragrances on animals or source ingredients from living creatures such as bees, beavers, and deer that add natural scents to perfume. Jaycey Natural Perfumes uses only pure essential oils from fruits, flowers, and other botanicals to bring you a vegan-friendly fragrance range you can wear with confidence.

What Makes a Perfume Vegan?

Vegan perfume does not contain animal products or harm animals or their habitats during sourcing and production. Many high-end fragrance companies use excretions from the following animals to create rich scent profiles:

  • African civets - civet paste for richer, smoother fragrance
  • Musk deer - musk scents and perfume fixatives
  • Beavers - castoreum
  • Whales - ambergris

While many fragrance companies may not kill or harm animals to collect their excretions, harvesting animal products from the environment may disturb the animals’ natural habitat and mating patterns. Jaycey Natural Perfumes is a leading supplier of high-quality vegan perfume in Australia. Our fragrances are cruelty-free, with pure, hand-poured essential oils, packaged and shipped with love from Victoria. Transparency is our priority, and we list all the ingredients in each perfume in our online collection.