About Us

Jaycey Natural Perfumes, based on the Mornington Peninsula, was inspired by my love of Essential Oils and created to give you a chemical free, non toxic perfume range like no other. My focus is on potency and quality, to ensure a long and lasting scent, with only the use of pure essential oils, in an organic carrier oil. My aim was to create perfume's inspired by well known "Designer" brand's, without the use of alcohol or artificial fragrance. Like a fine wine, these unique fragrances are rested to allow the aromas to develop and blend together beautifully.

Inspiration grew from there with the idea of creating Perfumes for emotional support and healing! This range uses the power of Crystals & Essential Oils known for their therapeutic and healing benefits, and combined together provides us with not only a smell that is sure to delight, but support in times of need. 

 For those who are particularly sensitive to chemicals and strong aromas, Essential Oil Perfume is highly recommended.

Every bottle is individually hand poured, using locally sourced ingredients, is compact, easy to use and take with you wherever you should go.

All my products are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free!

 I support and encourage you to make a choice to stop using perfumes and products, that in fact harm you, our planet and our animals.

If you love perfume like I do, then go ahead and choose the one that speaks to your heart, I know you will find your perfect scent.

                                          Tracey XX